Earth Story

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We were very pleased to welcome Year 5s and staff from the local primary schools to take part in the latest of our Year 5 Transition Events – ‘Earth Story’. The activity focused on the evolution of the earth and was organised by the Humanities faculty. The children, after a short demonstration of how fossils were formed, made their own fossils out of clay. They then simulated rocks being laid down over millions of years by pouring different coloured chalk and cement into a plastic bottle. The Year 5s popped their fossils into one of the layers, which they will ‘unearth’ back at their primary school in the near future.

The Humanities department also ran interactive lessons on fold mountains, rocks and dinosaurs.
We thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope our primary partners did too. Looking forward to the next transition event in June.

Iceland Expedition 2016

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Over the Easter break 32 students from Swinton Community School went on a 5 day expedition to Iceland.

During the visit the group had the opportunity to experience and see a variety of unique and spectacular
sights, landscapes and attractions.

On arrival in Iceland the group made the short journey from Keflavic airport to the Blue Lagoon which is one of Iceland’s most visited attractions. This is a geothermally heated spa where students could bathe in the warm ‘blue’ water and sample the rejuvenating properties of the rich silica mud.

Students also visited the Hellisheidi Power Station and were able to see how the Earth’s natural heat can be turned into geothermal energy which supplies much of Iceland’s power. The party then went on to
the Þingvellir National Park where they could see first-hand the mid-Atlantic ridge, the meeting point of two of the earth’s largest tectonic plates, the North American and Eurasion plates.

The next attraction was Gullfoss waterfall, one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe which is approached along the rim of a 2.5 km canyon where students observed a classic example of waterfall formation caused by a resistant basalt cap rock and changes in sea level.

Students then saw the breathtaking sight of Strokkur one of the most active geysers in the area, which spouts up to 20 metres approximately every 10 minutes.

Other natural wonders the Swinton explorers were also able to observe included the Seljalandsfoss waterfall which they could walk behind, the black sand beach at Reynishverfi and Sólheimajökull – a glacier tongue that lies south of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier

Everyone was eager to see the mysterious northern lights and on the third night were rewarded with an unexpected glimpse of this spectacular natural phenomenon.

All staff and students had a thoroughly fantastic time – the memories will remain for a lifetime!
Mr Hill – Faculty Leader – Humanities

Making KNEXions

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For the latest of our Year 5 Transition events students were given the challenge of designing and making a wind turbine using K’Nex as the basis of their construction.

The activity was led by the Design Technology department, who enlisted the help of the Engineering Club to mentor the primary children.

The young engineers were graded on the aesthetics of their designs as well as the power output when tested in front of a desktop fan. The winning group was from Kilnhurst Primary School.

Information regarding the next transition event will be released shortly.

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